Test Tools Links Collection
Test automation is the use of software to control the execution of tests, the comparison of actual outcomes to predicted outcomes, the setting up of test preconditions, and other test control and test reporting functions

Free Use Webtool: Text File Comparison
Testing 123.. (Books Amazon aStore)
AdaTEST 95 (Information Processing Ltd)
Allfusion CA-Verify (Computer Associates)
AutoController (Autotester Inc)
Automated Test Tools list (ATS)
AutoTester (Autotester Inc)
Business Process Testing (Mercury)
Cantata++ (Information Processing Ltd)
CARS (Compuware Corporation)
DevPartner (Compuware Corporation)
ER/DataGen (Banner Software)
e-TEST suite (Empirix)
eValid (Software Research Inc)
File-AID (Compuware Corporation)
Gauntlet (Borland)
GJTester (TreborSoft)
Hammer (Empirix)
HighTest Plus (Vermont)
Hiperstation (Compuware Corporation)
Insure (Parasoft)
KD executor (ICS)
Klocwork (Information Processing Ltd)
LDRA Testbed (LDRA Ltd)
Load and Performance Tools
Load and Performance Test Tools (Wikipedia)
Loadrunner (Mercury)
McCabe IQ (McCabe Associates)
MemProbes (Information Processing Ltd)
Parasoft Software Testing Tools
Programming Research QA Solutions
PureCoverage (IBM Rational)
Purify (IBM Rational)
QACenter (Compuware Corporation)
QEngine (AdventNet)
QuickTest Professional (Mercury)
IBM Rational Software Quality Products
SilkCentral Test Manager (Borland)
SilkPerformer (Borland)
SilkTest (Borland)
Software TestWorks (Software Research Inc)
Squish (froglogic)
TestArchitect (LogiGear)
TestCenter (Centerline)
TestComplete (AutomatedQA)
Testdirector (Mercury)
Test Mentor (SilverMark)
TestWorks (Software Research Inc)
TETware (TetWorks The Open Group)
Visual Test (IBM Rational)
Web and E-Commerce Testing Tools list (ATS)
WinRunner (Mercury)
Xpediter (Compuware Corporation)

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