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Mnemonic Devices > Learning > Mastering the Textbook - Chapter by Chapter

Mastering the Textbook - Chapter by Chapter

Reading and mastering textbooks is one of the most difficult tasks that you have to perform as a student.
This mnemonic gives a systematic approach to knowing and accessing information found within textbooks.
The first letter of each word is one of the nine steps of mastering the textbook chapter:

I Saw Harry Quack. Quackers Remind Us. Read, Read.
I've Sat Hunting Quail. Quails Run Usually. Round, Round.
I Saw Heavy Quarterbacks Quiver Reading Under Rainy Rafters.

 Mnemonics: Mastering the Textbook - Chapter by Chapter 1) Read the Introduction of the Chapter.
2) Read the Summary of the Chapter.
When you read the summary at the end (or it could be at the beginning of a chapter), you are exposing your mind to what is important.
3) Read the Major and Minor Headings
These headings constitute how the author has outlined the chapter for you, breaking down each section by these headings.
4) Read the Questions at the end the Chapter
By reading the questions at the end of a chapter, it forces you once again to preview whats coming.
5) Prepare Questions from the Headings
Preparing questions from the headings is an excellent way to achieve greater reading comprehension.
6) Read the Chapter Section by Section
Read everything from the beginning of a chapter to the end. Leave nothing out.
7) Underline, Highlight, Take Notes, Code
8) Review Within 24 Hours
Research suggests that if you do nothing with the information learned within 24 hours of being exposed to it, you will have only about 50% of it left. If you let it go for over a week you will have 90% or more of it to relearn. Avoid this at all costs!
9) Reinforce Information for Exams

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